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Welcome to Prophetia-Nocturna’s homepage.

Prophetia-Nocturna is a Heroic progression guild with many hard-core members. We have completed many raids as a guild and we always try to make new members able to join our raids with the exception of the core raids.

There is a very good atmosphere between our players during raids and outside of raids. Many of our guild members would always be there to help someone I need if they ask for it.

We are a 8/8 HC guild in Dragon Soul 10-man and we are progressing every week. Although we do have a core team of raiders we are always looking for replacements and back up so everyone can have a chance to impress us.


When raiding, we use the TeamSpeak 3 client to communicate so this is required for all of our members to have installed on their computers.

To become a CORE raider you must attend raids frequently and come prepared every week i.e have own flasks and food. Cauldrons and feasts will be provided by the raid leader but it is good to come prepared. A thorough knowledge of tactics for every boss is also required to become a core raider.

Normal raider rank will only be given upon completion of the current tier raids with the guild and with a competent understanding of the normal boss fights.

Attendance to raids that you sign up for is required and if you do not turn up you will be reprimanded or may be even removed from the guild if a repeat offender.


We are currently looking for experienced raiders to join our progression raid teams in the new expansion so if you feel interested then please apply to our guild in the forums.

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we are looking for an enhancement shaman u need to have hc experience in ds 10 so if u want to make an application plz go to forum and checkout application forum and start with( read before u make application )
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